On what drew her to the show [The Affair]: “I just thought it was really relevant. The questioning of the institution of marriage, and what it is to be in a relationship these days. Why affairs happen, and happen so frequently”. - Vogue US, September 2014

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I think vladamir putin looks like max from max & ruby

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I usually don’t give a shit about what I do on my birthday but I was really excited to do something fun this year with my friends but Ill be stuck at home and the last people I want to spend my birthday with is my parents

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i hate this picture 

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A clue to the cover film of LWLies issue 55, out 4 Sept, 2014.

Can you guess?

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why is this so hard

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It came out. I wasn’t gonna say that, but then I started getting nervous up there for some reason, cause they kept saying to wrap it up […] and then I saw his sweet face, and I miss him so much !

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Title: Fuckabout
Artist: Drenge
Album: Drenge
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just signed a lease say hello 2 my rad new building

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Tilda on the cover of Zembla, 2003.

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